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How to Choose the Best Fancy Dress Costumes for Your Baby?


Whether it is Halloween, Christmas, Easter, or a birthday bash, parents prefer fancy costumes for babies. They feel happier when their families and friends notice their babies looking pretty in those cute costumes, and one can find a variety of costumes designed especially for babies, meant for specific occasions.

Online shopping is becoming popular nowadays and there are several fancy and animal costumes available for customers to choose from. Whether you have a toddler or new-born, you can get a suitable costume for your young ones by shopping online, and avail great discounts too, not to mention the liberty of getting the items shipped to your door-step.

Angel Dresses

Angel fancy dresses are ideal for babies, and they are one of the popular choices. Parents love their babies clothed in soft and light-coloured dresses. Nowadays, fancy dress manufacturers are coming out with variety of colours like light yellow or baby pink.

Animal Costumes

Lamb, bunny, baby monkey, and bumblebee are some of the animal costumes that will suit your little ones. Manufacturers are coming out with comfortable outfits, and fabrics that are safe and soft for their skin. Along with children, even adults turn to animals with the costumes available for Christmas, Halloween, or any other special event. Check out some of the animal outfits listed below:


  • Pink Panda Girls Hooded Zip-up Sweatshirt


Pink character sweatshirt for girl babies has got long sleeves and zips present on the front. The costume has panda design and is made of machine washable polyester or cotton fabric. You can get this costume from http://www.amazon.com.


  • Monkey Onesie

Monkey Onesie from Kigurumi fits everyone. They are suited well for anyone from 5 feet up to 6 feet 3 inches. This Kigurumi Onesie is made of soft fleece fabric and is ideal for outdoor wear and pyjamas. You can buy kigurumi onesies for just £39.95.

Such lovely animal onesies UK costumes are imported from Japan and they are very comfortable and have a silky feel. Most of the animal costumes have pockets and are made from better quality material. If you aren’t satisfied with the products from Kigu, they offer a 14-days return policy too.


Cartoon Characters

Babies look adorable in cartoon character costumes, and you can get variety of designs to choose from.

Choices for boys include super heroes like Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman. You can also find other characters such as Piglet, Donald Duck, Winnie-the-Pooh, and Mickey Mouse. Baby girl choices include Disney Princess, Daisy Duck, Tinker Bell, and Minnie Mouse costumes.

Most parents simply cannot stop their kids from wearing cartoon character costumes, since children look fabulous in such costumes.

Devil Fancy Dress

Babies also look more charming wearing devil attire. With cute little tail on head, your baby can simply make you smile.

There is a wide range of party attires for babies; you just need to browse through websites and get the most suitable design that suits and looks good for your baby.

But, make sure that you choose a reliable and reputed online shopping portal for ordering animal costume for your baby.

6 Crucial Dos and Don’ts That You Must Know About Men’s Designer Jeans


Men’s designer jeans have gained a lot of popularity, and come a long way since their introduction. Starting from the regular straight fit jeans to the designer pieces, companies are managing to keep pace with the latest fashion trends, and meet the constantly-changing expectations of the buyers. There are several experiments being done on this clothing range. There are some styles that are beyond the imagination. Few styles will come and go, and there will be changes in accordance with the seasons. So, you need to stay informed and get updates regarding the styles that fit your body.

  • There are several designer jeans such as Voi jeans, Mish mash, and Firetrap that have stayed alive in the competition just because of the perception of buyer’s desire. The quality of the denim clothing is great, affordable and long lasting. Most of the jeans are machine washable. Jeans manufacturers have given more importance to use colors such as blue, black, and white. You can also see some funky colors according to the change in trends. One can also find gray and sheer tan jeans.
  • When it comes to maintenance, one can find many jeans styles. Some of them can be cleaned using light and dark wash, and you must be careful in washing them. Use of stone wash and acid wash is also common in dark colored jeans. Men with chiseled looks can opt for a slim fit. Even the lower crotch would fit nice for the one who has got a perfectly toned body.
  • The first thing that you need to do is to get an idea of your physique. Before selecting the jeans, you need to know your length and waist size. You can also see jeans available with drawstring elasticized waist rather than having a buttoned waist. You can also see variations with respect to fly styles. One can select the buttoned fly and also the zip fly. If you are looking forward to pair your jeans along with a t-shirt, it is best to look for a jean with sporty look.
  • For instance, you can see sporty jeans under Voi jeans, which is also termed as designer jogger jeans. It has got large buttoned pockets, cuffed ankles, and elasticized waist. It is recommended to avoid wearing sandals with designer jeans. There are plenty of jeans. Slim fit can look the best with boots.
  • Make sure that you never pair your jeans with boots, if you prefer regular straight fits. Usually, shoes go well with designer jeans. It is also habitual for people who want to wear designer jeans with chic belts. It is the new fashion trend to accessorize jeans with belts. Jeans go well with pewter or silver buckles. However, don’t try formal jeans with trendy belts with fashionable buckles. Make sure that you look for the best color combination before you pick.
  • You can also find leather belts, which perfectly suit men’s designer jeans. You can also get them through online fashion portals, and even retail outlets. You can always create your own style by matching different jeans pairs with different accessories. So, go ahead, and make a bold fashion statement with the designer jeans this season.

5 Tips for Simple Yet Delicious Home Cooking for Those With Hectic Lifestyles


Everyone understands the charm of food cooked by someone you love. Food is our basic necessity and delicious homemade food adds zest to the pleasure of living the life. So, if you want to groom your home cooking expertise to win the hearts of your family members despite the hectic life, here are few special tips for simple and delicious home cooking.


Cook Smart on Weekdays

It’s a fact that weekdays are highly hectic, so cooking something like casseroles, lasagnas, enchiladas and manifold soups during the weekends is great for freezing and they easily retain the original aroma after being heated. It’s all about time management to give your loved ones nutritious and tasty food. You can cook an extra lot of dinner whenever feasible and serve it the other day. For extraordinary food preserving techniques, you can contact Le Bouchon restaurant experts who have experienced troop of cooks and food experts.


Using Stocks in Place of Water

Chicken or vegetable stocks can be utilized to cook rice in place of water. An appropriate stock will retain the taste and essential minerals. The time consumption remains the same in this case, so there is nothing to worry about any extra labor or time.

Making the Dream Pie

Is your mom wondering how your neighbor’s pie evolves out to be glossy and golden brown whereas yours is pale and dull? Well, there is a secret to get the desired outcome every time. Beat few egg whites and polish it on the pie to enjoy your dream pie.

Keep unflavored dental toothpick

Keep some unflavored dental toothpick in your kitchen. If you need to have a minute cut then use toothpick for its sharpness and small width, which is much more efficient than any sharp kitchen knife.

Maintaining Your Kitchen Items

Proper maintenance of your cooking accessories is highly advisable. For example, ensure to sharpen your kitchen knife on regular basis as a blunt knife is useless. Always purchase a kitchen knife with broad blade with a firm grip so as to give you a higher command over chopping.

6 Steps to Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview


Finally, Windows 10 has arrived! There is a beta preview that had been available a long while before the official release. Microsoft made it available only a few weeks ago. Here is a complete know-how guide for the technically challenged that will help install Windows 10 in a jiffy.

There are a couple of options available for installing Windows10 on your PC. You can either install it using a pen drive, but what can work out much better would be by running the Operating System through a virtual machine (or a sandbox), which will not affect your PC in any way (apart from using a portion of your hard drive for a while).

All credits to virtualization software that is available for free, one can run Windows 10 on your present system, and instantly remove it once you have viewed enough of it (or till the time the preview expires on its own – whatever happens first). The whole process is meant to take just about 30 minutes – it may take longer based on the computer’s speed. Here are the steps that you will go through:

  1. You can begin by downloading of the ISO file of the Windows 10 technical preview. You will be required to click through a set of ‘Join Now’ or ‘Get Started’ screens right till you come to the download page. You can then scroll down and pick your preference of version (64 bit or 32 bit) and language.
  2. Oracle VM Virtual Box can then be downloaded and installed. This free virtualization tool will make it possible for the running of Windows 10 within Windows version of whatever is already installed in your system.
  3. You then run the VirtualBox, and then click on the new icon. Type ‘Windows 10’ in the Create Virtual Machine dialog box and click on the version selector. Now pick Windows 8.1 (also match it to the ISO you have already downloaded 64-bit or 32-bit). Now click ‘Next’.
  4. VirtualBox will recommend a memory size; you can then go ahead and accept it until you have a particular reason for changing it. You can then pick ‘Create a virtual hard drive’ and pick Create. You can then Accept VirtualBox Disk Image (VDI) as the file type for the drive, now pick ‘Fixed Size’ for the virtual drive. Finally, click on ‘Create’ and wait for a bit till VirtualBox can build the virtual drive.
  5. As soon as the drive is ready, you can click on the ‘Start’ button located within the VirtualBox toolbar. You will then be able to see a box, which tells you to ‘Select start-up disk’. You can then click on a small file folder located right next to the drop-down box, then navigate to Windows 10 ISO file that you initially downloaded. Now click start.

Top 6 Free Finance Management Apps


Managing finance has become simpler these days with the innumerable apps that are available in the app store. Here are few of the best and free finance management apps.

Mint – This is one great app for finance management developed by Intuit. It enables you to see all your finance accounts in one place, including checking, savings, and credit cards. The app automatically categorizes credit card and bank transactions. There are charts and graphs, which show you pictorially where you are spending your money. You can set financial goals like setting up limits for trip, saving to buy car, paying off debt amount, etc. Moreover, you can get expert advice with a touch on the screen. This app is a great one from Intuit.

BillGuard – This is yet another app to track your money, budget, and bills. The app lets you track all your accounts at one place. It also prevents your card from fraud and unwanted charges. The app has smart saving alerts, which search the web for applicable coupons based on the user’s spending patterns. There are also personalized savings alerts, which let you save your money. It gives you real time updates for unwanted charges incurred on your account. The app is guarded by security at the bank level, making sure that your information remains safe.

Expensify – This app makes you capture receipts, track time or mileage efficiently. Moreover, it allows you to monitor your business travel and create expense reports in a very easy manner. Expensify is a great app for sales people, travelers, and also other corporates. It has a smart-scan technology, which reads receipt and expenses and hence the need for a manual entry is not needed. The app is a must-have for people mentioned above.

Check – Check is an award winning mobile app, which is being used by many users. The app lets you manage and pay your bills on time so that you don’t stress out in paying them every month. It also manages all your bank accounts, credit cards, etc., enabling you to focus more on other work. It has a triple layer security system, which makes sure that your data is very safe.

Personal Capital – This is yet again another award-winning finance app, which enables you to monitor your finances and also prepare easy-to-read charts and graphs. The graphics enable you to understand what is happening with your money in an easy manner. The app is available on mobile and also wearable Android devices. This is a one off tool, which is self-sufficient.


Pocket Expenses – This is another personal finance managing app like others available in the market. However, its features set it apart from others in the league. The app allows you to have unlimited accounts and transactions. It lets you perform transactions by setting custom filters and also attaching photo receipts to transactions. It allows you to customize the UI to suit your taste.