Top 7 Things to Do in Lake Como

A foreign trip is something that gives you the opportunity to know a country well. Knowing the tradition and culture of a new country makes you enriched with knowledge and experience. And when it is Italy, you can experience the age-old heritage along with enjoying the extraordinary natural beauty of the country. Now, if you are in Italy, you should not miss visiting Lake Como. Often people go for Lake Como vacation solely instead of visiting entire Italy. Como is located at the northern region of Italy. It is popular among the tourists because of the panoramic view of gorgeous Lake Como which stretches from the northern part of the city.

Located at the foothills of the Alps, Lake Como is huge and full of excitement. The luxurious abodes, fashionable cities with the world-famous restaurants and boutiques, this place is kind of heaven for the tourists around the world. If you want to get the best experience of Lake Como, come here from early spring to late autumn. You can be mesmerized by the blooming flowers and also enjoy the warmth of the sun that also make the water warm and soothing. Let’s find out how to make your visit at Lake Como full of excitement.

  • Shop, Shop and Shop More

You are visiting a new place and not going shopping won’t be right. There are numerous stalls where you can stroll around an entire day. If you want to buy memoirs for yourself or to gift someone, you can go to the craft markets, like La Curtesela, where you can find furniture and antiques. For handicraft items, you can visit Mercato Dell’ Artigianato, Chi Cerca Trova and so on. How can you forget the famous food market of Lake Como? Visit Sapori de Terra-Sapori de Lago, where you can find traditional dishes from Italy.

  • Visit Como Cathedral

Italy is the country of outstanding architecture and buildings. Lake Como is no exception to that. Como Cathedral is the most beautiful building with amazing architecture of Lake Como. It is built on Gothic design and it took almost 4 centuries to get constructed (from 14th to the middle of 18th Century). The beauty of the inside is jaw-dropping. Once you cross the front façade of ornate stonework, you get to see the central dome with gold artwork and awesome decoration. Besides this, the arches, columns and every other detailing will make you amazed.

  • Travel in Funicular

If you are in Lake Como and miss this ride, that will be a great mistake. You won’t find the same thrill anywhere around the world. From Como to Brunate, the funicular is the fastest mean of transportation. And that is too over the huge lake! The magnificent view of the lake with the beautiful surrounding can make you enjoy the ride the most. Once you ride it, you will wish for a never-ending journey.

  • Go to Como Archeological Museum

Italy is an old and culturally rich country and so is Lake Como. It is located closer to the Cathedral. So, you can plan a day to spend in these two places. Basically, this museum was the house of Palazzo Giovo. It is made with a great collection of artifacts, found in different parts of Lake Como. Lake Como was invaded by the Greeks and these artifacts will tell stories of a rich culture of Lake Como under the Greek rule. You will find mesmerizing jewelry, potteries, agricultural machinery, stonework and lots of other artifacts.

  • Have a Pleasure Trip to Varenna

When you are in Lake Como, you can visit many places here. Varenna is famous for its picturesque presence with a medieval castle, Castello di Vazio, surrounded by a beautiful olive grove. Besides, the amazing gardens and the tiered terrace is must visit this castle. You will get an astounding view from the terrace of Varenna which is located by the shortest river of Italy, the Filumelatte. It means ‘Milk River’.

  • Explore Lake Como in a Boat Ride

Lake Como is surrounded by a beautiful landscape that can only be explored well if you take a boat ride. There are several tour companies who arrange different types of boat rides in Lake Como. If you take a one-side boat ride, you can travel to any of the coastal towns around Lake Como, like Bellagio, Cernobbio, etc. Else, you can also go for a scenic boat ride where you will travel on the lake while a guide will point out the landmarks and also explain the background of it. Whatever boat ride you choose, it is the best way to know Lake Como more closely.

  • Visit San Fedele Church

Italy is the hub of rich architecture and sculpture. This is the Romanesque Church that will make you enthralled with the frescoes and the jewel-stained windows. This church was built in 1120 and still looks like a new. There is a café, opposite the church where you can enjoy the food while praising the exterior.

So, these are the amazing things you can do in Lake Como. If you are planning for a foreign trip, consider Lake Como on the top of your list. The best time to visit the place is from early spring to late autumn. Book tickets earlier so that you can have a great deal.

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